Course curriculum

  • 2

    The Changing Face of Funerals. Tutorial: Mossed wreath

    • The changing face of funerals

    • Natural Burial Grounds

    • Video tutorial: Natural Mossed Wreath

    • Video tutorial: Hand-tied bouquet for a coffin. Extension: how to make creative use of hand-ties

    • Task: Make a natural mossed wreath

    • Business Task: Research your local natural burial grounds

  • 3

    Practicalities of working with undertakers. Tutorial: Natural Sheaf

    • Working with undertakers

    • Undertakers and their florists: interviews with different types of undertakers

    • Finding undertakers who are on the same page as you

    • The order process and who does what.

    • When you work closely with an undertaker - communication

    • Talking to the bereaved

    • Talking to the bereaved about flowers

    • The importance of a price guide

    • Video tutorial : The Sheaf

    • Task: Make a sheaf

    • Business Task: Research your local undertakers

    • Business task: make a price guide for your funeral flowers using Canva

  • 4

    Photography and marketing materials. Tutorial: Heart wreath

    • Photography and why it is important

    • Photography basics

    • Photography etiquette

    • Showing your funeral work: physical marketing

    • Showing your funeral work: digital platforms

    • Make your own marketing materials - Video tutorial for Canva

    • Video tutorial: Silver Birch Heart Wreath - making the base

    • Video tutorial: Silver Birch Heart - dressing the woven base

    • Task: Make a heart wreath

    • Business task: design a flyer or postcard to promote your funeral flowers

  • 5

    Creative tributes and alternative mechanics. Tutorials: Casket Spray 'The Miriam' and eco-sprays

    • Creative tributes

    • More alternative mechanics

    • Social media and why it matters

    • Talking about funeral flowers

    • Video tutorial: The Miriam - a deconstructable casket spray

    • Video tutorial : Eco casket spray

    • Task: make a casket spray

    • Task: creative tribute

    • Business task: Instagram post

  • 6

    Get found for Natural Funeral Flowers. Tutorials for Swags & Garlands and how to attach them

    • Getting found online - Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    • Doing flowers YOUR way

    • Video tutorial: How to make a simple ivy garland

    • Video tutorial: How to make a swag

    • Video tutorial: Attaching flowers to a wooden or woven coffin

    • Task: Make swags and attach to a woven or wooden surface

    • Business task: Write a blog post about funeral flowers

    • Before you go....

  • 7

    Appendix - Basic Techniques and Resources

    • Funeral Flowers FAQs

    • Pricing properly and and why only you can do it.

    • Basic Hand tied bouquet technique

    • Mossing a wreath base

    • Flower meanings and superstitions

    • Mini garlands using flower crown technique

    • Instagram caption texts #naturalfuneralflowers

    • Resources

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  • How long can I access the course materials?

    You subscription to the materials is valid for 12 months from the date you start but you will have ongoing access to the accompanying facebook group so can chat with other course participants and get advice on there.

  • Will I get personal feedback on my work from a tutor?

    No. The course is designed so that you learn and try out new techniques, and develop these without the pressure of producing them to order. There is a closed facebook group to accompany the course where you can share experiences and feedback with other supportive course participants. While Carole will not be giving individual feedback, she may step in to the Facebook group to assist the whole class with general issues, and it's also possible to contact her via her Tuckshop Flowers website if you're interested in booking virtual or actual 1:1 sessions to further develop what you have learned online if you'd like to take it further. You can also find details of any scheduled physical group workshops on her website.

  • Do I need experience as a florist?

    The course is designed for those who are (or who are intending to be) self-employed florists. It therefore assumes some knowledge of basic techniques like hand-tied bouqets and mossing wreaths. However, in the appendix you'll find links to helpful resources if you need help with these. As a self-taught florist herself, Carole is a firm believer that you can go a long way fuelled by a passion for your subject and a will to learn.

  • Is it all about floristry?

    The course is as much about the business of funeral flowers as it is about the floristry itself - it's designed for self-employed florists wanting to expand their range of funeral work and to market their business effectively.

  • Will the course give me 'recipes' for arrangements?

    The aim of the course is to give you tools and techniques to confidently create unique flowers based on conversations with your clients, so while Carole talks you through her own ways of working and shows you how she creates different designs, the course does not provide stem counts and step by step instructions - except for how to construct the Miriam Deconstructable Casket Spray.

  • Is it about new kinds of funeral arrangements?

    The focus of the course is on how to make funeral arrangements without the use of floral foam. Some designs are new and innovative, like the deconstructable casket spray, whereas others offer eco-friendly alternatives for making traditional arrangements like wreaths and coffin toppers.

  • Are the flowers just for natural burials?

    No. They're about offering more natural, personal and greener choices to clients who may have chosen any kind of funeral from a green burial to a traditional interment or cremation.

  • What do I need for the course?

    If you go to the free preview unit in the Course Curriculum above, you'll find a list of all the materials and resources you'll need access to for the course.

  • Will it teach me all about cutting and conditioning flowers I grow for funeral work?

    While some information about what types of flowers last well in different arrangements is covered in the video tutorials, this course is not intended to be a guide to flower choices. It assumes that you already work with flowers and have good working knowledge of your materials. It is beyond the scope of this course to offer a definitive guide to flowers for cutting.


Carole Patilla

Carole worked as a teacher and manager in the adult education sector for 20 years before her career change into growing and floristry. She's also worked in publishing as a trade magazine editor. Since setting up Tuckshop Flowers in 2012, she has gathered accolades and responsibilities including: Co-chair of Flowers From the Farm and member of Flowers from the Farm‘s Gold Medal winning teams at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018, BBC Gardeners’ World Live 2016 & 2017; Daily Telegraph ‘Top 20 most creative British Florists’; Runner-Up, Funeral Florist of the Year, The Good Funeral Guide; Winner Best Waste and Recycling Scheme, Making Birmingham Greener Awards. She is an associate member of the Association of Green Funeral Directors.

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